The camera moves from our eyes to our mouths to our hands to the work, as Nina sculpts Emily drawing Nina. The female gaze is accepted as observation in the artmaking process. The cameras establish a rhythm with their movement; they record the physical process of perception and representation. Eyes move to observe and record, mouths move involuntarily, hands move to coax form out of media, and the work records the materialization of the process. Through observing another we discover ourselves, and as the piece progresses each artist appears on the opposite screen, in the hands of the other. The process is heightened by their awareness of unseen Web voyeurs, who observe the process remotely. While 1997 marks the third season of ArTisTheater, our weekly live Web video performance series, Touch is our first multi-page Web performance, a site-specific installation designed to be projected on the four screens of PORT.

This VRML model shows the arrangement of four translucent screens in the gallery during the PORT show. The screens, which measured six feet diagonally, hung from the ceiling and each received the projection from a different Web page.

VRML by Marek Walczak
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