Performance by Fern Gnesin

One frame every seconds
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starring (in order of appearance):

The Minor Demon
The Invisible Woman
Her Low Self-Image (played by the sunglasses on the floor)
The Major Demon
The Biological Time-Clock Baby

Act IDance of the Minor Demon
Act IIThe Invisible Woman Smells the Flower
Act IIIShoe Change (The Invisible Woman Smells the Flower)
Act IVHer Self-Image Dragged to the Floor with the Minor Demon
Act VFerns to Know and Grow
Act VIAttack of the Major Demon
Act VIIThe Invisible Woman Battles the Major Demon
Act VIIIThe Invisible Woman Does the Major Demon
Act IXBirth of the Time-Clock Baby
Act XMom Mixes Drinks
Act XIThe Camera Rises to Heaven
Act XIIStrawberry Abyss

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