Thinking of You Group

Thinking of YOU group

  Thinking of You means global communication using the brain’s language. Like brain waves, people are mysterious – thinking and behaving in unbelievable ways, but when patterns of their communication unfold as audio and visual representations in veritable installations, a universal mental language is revealed.


Creative Director - Nina Sobell

Nina Sobell pioneered the use of video, computers, and interactivity in art; she also pioneered performance on the Web. Their work has also been exhibited at Sandra Gering Gallery, and in PORT, at MIT's List Visual Arts Center, and featured in articles in Art in America, Artforum, International Design Magazine, TalkBack, the Village Voice, and YLEM.
Sobell presented "Brainwave Drawings" and "Videophone Voyeur" (1977) at Joseph Beuys' "Free International University" at Documenta 6. She received awards from the Arts Ciuncil of Great Britain and NEA for her pioneering video performance art in the 1970's and NYSCA in the 90's. Her work has been shown throughout the US, Europe, and Japan. An award-winning printmaker and figurative sculptor, and avid improvisational guitarist and keyboardist, she can be seen sculpting Emily in the ParkBench ArTisTheatre Performance Archives and heard playing music there as well.

Technical Director - Marek Kulbacki

Marek conducts research in Human Motion Modelling and Human Computer Interaction. Since 1994 he has been involved in Data Asquisition Systems for military and industry. After 2000 Kulbacki collaborated on many international and national HCI projects. Marek participates in several Technical Comittees on Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering. He is a member of learned societes: IEEE, ACM, EUROGRAPHICS, PMI.

Technology Manager - Mike Trivich

Mike is a Creative, analytical problem solver with experience in wide area network architecture, design and implementation. He Proposed, designed and managed contractors to develop a computerized video motion control optical bench. Proposed, structured, staffed and managed on line banking software development department.
Analyzed, designed and implemented 200 site corporate voice, data, video networks Robust Timing to minimize noisy, dropped voice and video calls resulting in practical use of multipoint video/audio conferencing. Researched, designed and implemented 400 site multipoint, multi-protocol, multi host packet network. The resulting network consolidated multiple overlapping legacy network into a common hi-speed network positioned for new services. Designed and implemented 10 site frame relay network as a pilot for national expansion.

Composer - RJ Fleck

Fleck operates a small linux-based sound and production studio in his home in the west end of Toronto, Canada.  He has post-graduate degrees from University of California, San Diego and Stanford University.  He has three daughters.

Digital Artist - Miguel Andres-Clavera

Miguel is a member of Social technology & Cultural interfaces Group. He seeks interdisciplinary approaches to art by combining cultural discourses with new technologies.

Programmer - Sun Qing

Sun Quing is a Ph.D candidate in theoretical physics.

Artist - Peter Todd

Peter is an artist who works with technology as his medium. His research is focused on Integrated Media, and he realizes that with digital microprocessor based electronics.

Art Designer - Chris Bishop

Chris is Senior Designer at PBS KIDS Interactive . In addition, he serves as Online Editor, as well as political cartoonist. Chris was awarded the Merit Award in Recognition of Outstanding Performance and Achievement in Drawing