Synaesthesia A Neuro-Aesthetics Exhibition

Institute of Contemporary Arts, London
October 6 - November 7, 2004

  Synaesthesia is a term used by neuroscientists to describe a specific condition that occurs when an individual who receives a stimulus in one sense modality (e.g. sight), receives a stimulus in another (e.g. audition). There are reported instances of ‘hearing’ colours, ‘seeing’ sounds, ‘tasting’ shapes. This exhibition will borrow the concept of synaesthesia from the neuro-scientific world to look at works that allow for crossing-over of the senses, but it will also trace the concept back to its meaning as a joint experience through works that engage the audience’s perceptual system as a shared function. The goal is for artists to engage with the nervous system as a communication device in diverse creative means that all affect the audience-individually and collectively in unique ways.

Participating artists: Nina Sobell, Stephen Vitiello, Ken Jacobs, Dr. Sonja Grun, Fred Worden, Warren Neidich, Henry Hills.

Show curated by Chloe Vaitsou