COLLABORATORS : 'Thinking of You'

The artists opened a window for me, to a world I did not know existed. Their ways of thinking are so different from the way we think in the engineering world. In the best of the collaborators the end result was a creation of something neither artist nor I could have produced by ourselves. My interest is about interaction with artists, about the fun or frustrations of collaboration."
Per Biorn 2001

Collaborators, contributors, connectors, comrades and credits

Sonya Allin, Anne Bean, David Bacon, Per Biorn, John Dubberstein, RJ Fleck, Jesse Gilbert, Mimi GrossEmily Hartzell, Malcolm Jones, Marek Kulbacki, Billy Kluver/Julie Martin, Anders Mansson, Aaron Michaelson, Stacy Pershall, Sun Qing, Brian Schwartz, Anatole Shaw, Jeremy Slater, Yuqing Sun, Norman White.

This work was supported by the New York State Council on the Arts, a publically funded agency.

Thanks to Banff Center for the Arts, NYU Center for Advanced Technology.


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