w e b   s é a n c e

In seance, presence is input and presence is output.

This is the tapping-table, and this is the spirit world.

Brainwaves and heartbeats synchronize in the space of packet-lag, letters that cross in the mail.

We send letter questions and answers to the net - each other, bot mediums - the spirits we seek to contact.

Presence, from across the net, grows and concentrates as aura, glowing through a pair of eyes. An eye at the the Banff Centre for the Arts, an eye at Suzerain Studios New York, looking out from each page hit.

Over each eye a shape - a shape drawn through electroencephalographic (EEG) equipment, by the brains behind the eyes in Banff and New York.

From each of two spaces, then, an eye, a heartbeat, an EEG drawing of brainwaves. This pair creates a collaged data portrait on the Web screen, where http requests express audience presence and contribute to the image drawn. This space is one of presence, of seance, where contact can be made, questions asked and answered - through this medium.

-- text by N Wardrip-Fruin / S Allin / E Hartzell

A summoning to an evolving event - a different space each two weeks.
Performances June 16, 30; July 14, 28 at 3:00pm (CMT)