s é a n c e   c r e d i t s

Web Séance is created by ParkBench, the collaborative team of artists currently involving Sonya Allin, Emily Hartzell and Nina Sobell.

It was commissioned by Walter Phillips Gallery at Banff Centre for the Arts, as part of Streaming: a laboratory, curated by Jon Tupper.
New York performances are at Suzerain Studios.
Site is hosted by suzerain.com and banff.org.

Sonya Allin-programming/interface design
Adam Chapman-writer
Heather Delaney-video
Maria Fagundes-EEG performer, Seance1-3
Kevin Kanarek-writer, technical assistance
William Meyer-audio
Marc Antony Vose-interface design consultant/database design/Webmaster and host
Heather Wagner-eeg performer/writer, Seance4
Nathan Wardrip-Fruin-writer/lighting, Seance 1
Noah Wardrip-Fruin-text matrix concept for Seance1/writer/artist's statement

Anne Brassier-voice, Seance4
Pierre Dalpé-EEG assistant, Seance4
Gillian Frazier-live drawings, Seance4
Brendan French-EEG performer, Seance1
Miriam Gil-guide, Seance4
Julian Hall-technical support
Mathew Kabatoff-studio process slideshow
Mimmo Maiolo and Paul Fortin-gallery installation construction
Christina McPhee-guide, Seance4
Gabriela Medina-EEG performer, Seance3
Pedro Mendes-technical support
David Miller-digital photographer, Seance3
Don Ritter- EEG assistant, Seance3; audio mixing/ambient sounds, Seance4
Vivian Selbo-EEG performer, Seance2
Luke Skinner-videographer, Seance4
Tarik Thami-EEG performer/writer, Seance4
Elizabeth Vander Zaag-digital photographer, Seance4
Mario Villa-EEG performer, Seance3
Garnet Willis-piezoelectric heart pickup

Special thanks to Mark Richardson and Chris Segnitz

Jon Tupper-Curator, Sara Diamond-Artistic Director, Media Visual Arts

Special Thanks
Dr. Thomas F. Collura, Ph.D. of Cleveland for the loan of two BrainMaster EEG units
NYU's Center for Advanced Technology for hosting the ParkBench Web site
Suzerain Studios for providing the NYC site, and hosting the website
Kathy Brew of Thundergulch
Art Johnson
Ignazio Moresco for technical advice
Columbia University for a WordNet interface, as well as hosting nina the bot through her development
jwz for creating and sharing dadadodo, the text program used in Seance3