a r c h i v e   o f   p e r f o r m a n c e   2 :   W i t h o u t   W o r d s

90 stories were contributed during the course of the performance, anecdotes about participants' experiences with nonverbal communication. the web participants were represented by clumps of moss surrounding the image: as more logged on, moss gradually grew across the pavement, framing the video and beginning to encroach on the image. The moss can be seen here.

the other thing which grew creepingly was the composite story. after three new entries, a shareware program called dadadodo (www.jwz.com/dadadodo) disassembled the stories into parts of speech and assembled new sentences from those words -- grammatically correct (more or less), but not necessarily meaningful.

the textual part of the interface is no longer live, so stories of your own nonverbal experiences may no longer be added to it. the video part has been archived in the video archive (below). and the screenshot, also below, shows how the whole fit together. The computer graphic Brain Wave Drawing generated by the EEG output of the two participants sometimes matched.

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