"Dance in a Moving Mirror"
is a collaboration between artists in New York City and in Aix-en-Provence mixing live video and audio improvisations in a transatlantic webcast. The piece is an attempt to merge multiple perceptions via the network into a unified whole which exists both in web-space and on the screens of its viewers. This archive is an artifact of this process, and exists as a work on its own.
Artists' Statements

The experience of participating in this communication through simultaneous image streams was one of reaching-- of straining to see through the fog of delay and codec's artifacts. The archive records watching-- shows the reflection of Aix's images on New York's eye-- and represents the essential interface, that of a human eye downloading data from a monitor.

-- Emily Hartzell

Opening to an unknown, unforeseen sound, compressed and stretched, merging with the larger soundscape and sent back out - an exercise of trust, of chance, of play with and through the network.

-- Jesse Gilbert

Onespace spirit no time delay: The ebb and flow of images and sounds transforms non-verbal, ephemeral, collaborative process into an accessible performance.

-- Nina Sobell

"Dance in a moving mirror" marks a milestone in the development of ParkBench's ArtIsTheater web performance series, initiated in 1994 by Nina Sobell and Emily Hartzell. In 1997 composer Jesse Gilbert became a member of the ParkBench collective, and starting with the Touch installation for "PORT: Navigating Digital Culture" at MIT's Vera List Gallery (2-3/97), ArtIsTheater has featured simultaneous video and audio webcasts. "Dance" marks ParkBench's first attempt at merging performances in remote locations, and points to new directions for multipoint, improvisational collaborations. "Dance" was created as part of the RAT web workshop, organized by CYPRES in Aix-en Provence.
New York City

camera , video mix - Emily Hartzell
synthesizer - Nina Sobell


composition, audio mix - Jesse Gilbert
pre-recorded sound - Annica Kjell
camera - Emanuelle Baron