11. 1981 Six Moving Cameras, Six Converging Views, N Y Triptych I

3 pairs of closed-circuit cameras were mounted on a frame. In the center of the frame were 3 monitors stacked on top of each other, each displaying corresponding split screen images of the cameras views, including the world trade towers. The bottom pair of cameras were equipped with wide-angle lenses to encompass the people walking toward each other on the sidewalk, their images merging in the center of the split screen monitors. The center two cameras focused on the activity across the street, flattening space. The top pair moved up and down on axles in, one moving from ground to sky, the other from sky to ground bending space in a continual spherical motion. Inside the gallery, a closed-circuit monitor displaying partial windows of all six images could be seen as soon as you entered. Cameras moved in synch with each other through a custom built motor controller built by John Gord.