Disintegration of Objects Within a Sequential Time Period
Structure: movement, placement, time.

First Tuesday: The Rockable: one part, horizontal movement contained by its own design rocks back and forth 180 degrees. Exterior space. Placed behind AD White Museum of Art on the lawn of a quiet courtyard. I videotaped it from dawn to dusk for seven days.

Second Tuesday: The Moveable Ceiling, comprised of three parts , verticle movement, Interior space; placed in art museum foyer that had opening from first to second floor; Block and tackle elevator system, using variable speed reversible drill- connected 30 feet of cable to unlabled controls in black foam. Could be controlled by those lying on concave couch on two foot by 8 foot platforn directly under ceiling or by others in another area of the museum. Documented interaction interaction when museum was open.

Third Tuesday: The Cones, comprised of five parts, circular movement contained by its design, placed at dawn on the Quad, a large exterior area, size of a football field. cones with large diameters facing each like compass points, with the fifth cone's larger diameter facing east. People began to roll around inside them, and then began to stand them on end and stack them etc. Documented from dawn to dusk until destroyed through interaction.

Fourth Tuesday: The Balloons, 500 released at dawn, and 500 at noon in the same place as the cones symbolizing the disintegration/ destruction/dissolution of previous objects.

Fifth Tuesday -edited tapes

Sixth Tuesday- opening of re-creation or re-construction objects. Room constructed within the gallery, with an entrance which was the same as its exit. People entered the interior space with those with whom they had enjoyed participation, those who'd heard about it and those who had no prior information. Walking from the entrance, one could see the compass point positioned monitors, like the cones, and in the center a physical representation of what was showing on the four monitors: North: Rockable, East: Cones, South: Moveable ceiling, The Rockable couch in the center was constructed like the rockable, using wooden 2x4's like the cones, padded with a spring like the rockable with a latex rubber(balloons) painted sisal covering with balloons painted on it.

They walked for six seconds away from the four weeks towards a closed-circuit monitor displaying their image six second prior to arrival. The time lapse was created by setting one reel-to reel video recorder a distance apart from the other so that there was a lapse in the time the take up reel recorded the information. Symbolized the transition from past to present experience.

Upon exiting the installation, they passed by another live feed, cc monitor that they saw themselves on like a supermarket surveillance monitor which symbolized the immediate moment of being in the space in real time, and that sense of the present ended the show.

Time Six week period of time; On each of 4 consecutive Tuesdays, objects were placed anonymously on a college campus, and made available for interaction. Video editing of the documentation of the interaction took place during the fifth week, and on the sixth Tuesday, a re-creation of the four weeks was opened to the public in the Sibley Hall Gallery.